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stress reducing chamomile smoothie

Stress Reducing Chamomile Smoothie

  Print Stress Reducing Chamomile Smoothie This stress reducing chamomile smoothie is commonly used for many different health conditions including fighting anxiety and depression. This simple recipe is refreshing and calming. Peach can be substituted for your fruit of choice, I have tried it with strawberries and mango with delicious results.  Servings 1 serving Ingredients…

does ashwagandha cure anxiety

Does Ashwagandha Cure Anxiety

The biggest question is does ashwagandha cure anxiety? Adaptogenic┬áherbs like ashwagandha are big buzz words these days and many are wondering are they all buzz or is there some truth to their healing powers? Ashwagandha is proven┬áto treat and support the adrenal system, stabilize blood sugar, suppress sugar cravings, fight insomnia, and has healing anti-oxidant…