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It is a bright sunny day out, only you are having trouble seeing that “sunshine and rainbows” disposition. Instead you are trying to keep your head up and get through the day. Ah yes, The Tired and Wired Cycle has begun once again. You have woken up, only you don’t feel rested. You reach for a stimulant such as coffee or a sweet breakfast. You gain a little energy, but begin to fade again in the afternoon, you reach for more carbohydrates maybe a glass of alcohol, and now it’s bedtime.

You lay down tired as ever but you just can’t get to sleep!

This cycle may have been ok for a while. You’ve always lead a fast paced lifestyle, only before you could easily get only a few hours of sleep and still wake up fresh as a spring chicken!

As years went on the effects of this lifestyle wore you down. It may have felt like it came out of nowhere but this is always progressive and has been the effect of stress hormones, trauma, sleeping patterns and overuse of stimulants.

These habits begin to wear down the glands within your endocrine system such as your adrenals, kidneys, and thyroid.

When the fight or flight system is always activated the system is weakened which makes it difficult to deal with even the slightest stressors, busy lifestyles, bright lights, loud noises, and daily tasks. It affects our cortisol function, hormones, mood, and energy levels. Racing thoughts, worry, and fear are now the “new normal” because your system is so run down and sluggish. It needs replenishing!

Our cells renew every 7 days!

We all know proper hydration, exercise, and sleep patterns are important but if our system has been overworked and malnourished for too long, going above and beyond this protocol is absolutely necessary. I can say that almost anyone living in a western paced society does require more aspects of healing due to the lifestyle, environment, and toxins we face every day.

Herbal solutions help you to adapt to stressors, build energy, help with detoxification, circulation and promote mental clarity. During my own healing journey herbs have helped me feel a lot less alone, which led to a deeper trust and connection with the universe. That feeling of connection and trust alone can make you sleep like a baby and wake more peaceful and energized!

Many times when people can’t sleep we reach for a sleeping pill which ultimately is a bandaid effect and something we tend to rely on in order to get to sleep.

It is very important to dig a little deeper and find out what habits are taking place during the day, and understand how they are affecting the tired and wired feeling. In my practice I will recommend herbal solutions that are for restoration of certain energy meridians and it will usually be enough to reset homeostasis and get you to sleep at night.

The following herbs are great restoratives for the tired and wired feeling and ones I use everyday! 

There are so many herbal products that aid in restoration of our life force. However, I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favourites so that it becomes a practical protocol to take after discussing it with your health care professional. These are herbal solutions that you take during the day to restore homeostasis in the body along with restoring sleeping patterns as well.

Reishi Mushroom

It is balancing and relaxing however I drink it in the morning and add it to my Jing herbs (listed below). Reishi is known for longevity in Chinese herbalism and it aids the body in adapting to stressors. You can take Reishi as a tincture or as a tea. You can have it alone or mix it with other medicinal mushrooms. Many people even say that if you want to stay up late at night don’t drink Reishi during the day because you will have no choice but to have a deep and restful sleep at night!

Herbal Solutions
Reishi Mushroom by Dragon Herbs

Schizandra Berry

Shizandra is incredible for the overworked adrenal glands and in Chinese medicine it balances both the yin and yang of our energy systems. It tonifies the endocrine system, digestive system and aids in normal liver function. Taking Schizandra as a tincture or boiled as a tea are two ways to take this adaptogenic herb.

You can also couple it up with goji berries for a powerful antioxidant punch. Schizandra is fabulous for the adrenal glands that have been over taxed by stress and the tired and wired habits. This herb will be taken in the morning upon waking since it is like a wake up call to the organs helping with restoration of sleep patterns at night.

Herbal Solutions
Schizandra Tincture by Dragon Herbs

Restore the Jing by Jing Herbs

I swear by this product by Jing herbs created in Los Angeles California. It is a blend of 7 classic Chinese herbs (morinda, eucommia, prepared rehmannia, cornus fruit, Chinese yam, poria cocos, alisma orientalists, and paeonia) that can be added to hot water to make a tea, elixir, or blended into your favourite smoothie.

The quality and results are top notch!

Herbal Solutions
Restore The Jing by Jing Herbs


This powerful adaptogen helps the body adapt to stressors. Deemed the King of adaptogens I add it to practically all of my herbal formulas as a tea or tincture because in this world don’t we all need a herb to help us deal with stress? I see this herb as one that allows for that shift in perception rather than being caught up in worrying cycles!

Herbal Solutions
Eleuthero Root From Light Cellar

Passion Flower 

If sleep is a problem begin simply with a couple strong cups of Chamomile. If that is still not sufficient you can try Holy Basil, or Passion Flower which is favourite before bed for that tired and wired feeling and those who wake between 2-4 AM. 

Herbal Soluions
Passion flower Tincture From Harmonic Arts

After beginning a herbal protocol and implementing a healthy nutritional protocol, we have the support that makes it easier to incorporate lifestyle modifications. These include fun exercise, meditation, and hydration. We also gain strength to deal with the underlying causes like any traumas and fears that are contributing to the tired and wired feeling.

Herbal solutions create a backbone of support to begin doing the deeper work.

If the herbs aren’t enough you can turn to amino acids to regulate sleep patterns. Stick to a protocol long term as it may take 4-6 months for results.

Supplements to Help Regulate Sleep Patterns:

D-Phenylalanine – Take upon rising. Stops enzymes from breaking down endorphins. More endorphins means happier more balanced days!

L-Tryptophan – Take 1/2 hour before dinner. L-Tryptophan helps your body create melatonin and then you can create your own serotonin (Margi Flint) Regulating of the circadian rhythm.

It is important to find the root cause of the stressor that is affecting your sleep patterns. Many people don’t realize they are carrying a heavy bag of emotional stress and anxiety around with them since they were a child.

Addressing the root cause, meditation, and working with a cognitive behavioural or NLP coach or therapist to reframe past traumas will begin helping to unpack the underlying stress and is very effective when we are tired and wired.

Getting back to nature is absolutely necessary as well.

Dipping our feet into the ocean, lakes, and in the grass and realizing the slow pace of nature is amazingly beneficial. Nature offers us some incredible herbs that revitalize a tired endocrine system, nourishing our glands and life force. Getting outside and thanking Mother Nature for her role in your healing is powerful beyond words.

Comment below and let me know your journey with herbs or if you have any other questions on where to begin.

Robyn ❤️

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