Best Herbal Tinctures For Anxiety and Stress for Beginners

Today I want to share my favorite herbal tinctures and what I personally think are the best herbal tinctures for anxiety, stressors, and even depression. These tinctures are great, especially if you are a newbie to herbs.

Are tinctures really necessary if you have anxiety or depression? Well necessary no, but extremely beneficial, yes! Herbs are to be looked at as natures medicine, and an actual researched approach to quickly adapting to a balanced mind and body.

Herbs do just that, they aid your body and mind in returning to your life force, your true essence and nature, one that can adapt and bounce back quickly in times of stress, fear, anxiety and even depression.

Each one of these herbs can be taken as a tincture (the most concentrated approach), a tea, supplement, or powder. I always chose a tincture over many of the above because its quick and easy to incorporate into a daily routine although a nice cup of tea can also do no harm!

Best Herbal Tinctures For Anxiety #1 Holy Basil

Holy basil is an adaptogen to tackle life’s stressors. Adaptogen meaning it adapts quickly to what your body needs specifically. In Hindu religion, holy basil is worshipped, cultivated for medicinal purposes and used for its essential oil. The first time I indulged in a cup of holy basil tea I was delighted by how calm I actually was. It is an incredibly grounding herb and fabulous at bringing balance to your sleep/wake cycle which creates a snowball effect to creating a day of balance and relaxation.

Best Herbal Tinctures For Anxiety # 2 Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is fabulous if you are just getting into herbal medicine. With its light lemony taste and a part of the mint family. This herb is refreshing and a great herb to reach for if you need an uplift in spirit and vital essence. Lemon balm calms the second brain (our gut), helps relieve anxiety, stress, and can even boost cognitive function. When adding this herb to smoothies it adds a nice light lemon minty taste! yum

Best Herbal Tinctures For Anxiety # 3 St. John Wort

St. Johns wort isn’t for the faint of heart. Often used in high cases of depression, it can also be used in a lesser dose for some extremely beneficial healing properties of the nervous system. Ask your health care practitioner about If you have low mood, have trouble sleeping or suffer from depression. This herb does not mix with any medication and can be quite harmful if used with any medication.

Check out my youtube video where I chat about the benefits of these 3 best herbal tinctures for anxiety and share a recipe to make tinctures in your very own home!


If you are just getting started in herbal medicine, and have any questions, send me an email to

Happy Tincturing <3


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  1. Mary Issacs Reply

    I’ve never used adaptogens before. Can Holy Basil & Ashwagandha tea help with anxiety? or are tinctures better? would tinctures be too strong? whats the best way to use them?

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