Healthy Morning Rituals to Nix Stress


There is a quote that states, “how you do one thing, is how you do everything.” This quote was pretty life changing for me. I heard it at a time when my days were hectic, I was feeling completely out of balance and worn out. This is why I compiled some healthy morning rituals to nix stress.

I realized upon waking up I didn’t have a routine, I did most things “in the moment”, with hardly any structure and I seemed to be late for everything. I never set aside time for myself, instead I picked up my smart phone and went about my day on autopilot, allowing external factors to judge how my day would play out.

It was then in that moment that I discovered that a Morning Routine isn’t just a suggestion, it is. a MUST.

Im going to back track a little, because a very common occurrence in clients is tiredness upon waking, with no energy and sometimes even no desire to creep out of bed. So this is where the prep work for the morning routine comes in:

Before hitting your head on the pillow (at an appropriate time (between 9-10 PM) drink water before you go to bed, not so much that you will be going to the washroom all evening, but enough to keep hydrated. This will help you feel much more refreshed and energized in the morning. Also nixing junk foods before bed is important.

Ok so now we have the prep work settled. You have woken up and you are wondering what Is the best way to start my day? I put it into 5 steps below!:

My 5 Step Guide to Waking up Energized and Crushing it All Day Long:

  1. Firstly, put the smart phone down, open the blinds if they aren’t already, have a glass of lemon water and get on a mat or towel to begin a deep breathing/stretching/meditating routine. Minimum of 15 minutes – 1 hour.
  2. Get a little notebook. This journal is very powerful for keeping you present and in the now. Your journal can be short and sweet and it is important to emphasize on 3 things you are grateful for, What you need to do today to accomplish your goals and finally an empowering statement. I am … (fill in the blanks) Focusing on what must get done today will get you quicker to your ultimate goal. It will be out of your mind and as soon as you get something written on paper it will put it into action that much quicker.
  3. Make a fabulous breakfast. I realized how strange it is when people say I don’t have time for breakfast. A great meal prep Idea is pick up 4 cucumbers, 4 tomatoes, a package of olives, 2 packages of feta cheese and a package of your favourite nuts. Pre-cut the veg and put them in airtight glass jars (make enough to last 4 – 5 days)  so when it comes to eating breakfast you sprinkle with olive oil and salt and pepper and cook 2-3 eggs along side. It will be breakfast in 3 minutes. (and a fabulous one at that!)
  4. Finally if you have anything that is on your mind and needs to be written down write it down, make lists, you will get what needs done in half the time.
  5. Get a big reusable thermos and fill it with a loose tea of choice. Have one that will stay warm a few hours to bring around with you all morning long.

I would love to hear feedback from you! Let me know what you are currently doing for a morning routine, and how implementing these 5 steps have made a difference in your quality of day. Also if you have a favourite morning ritual or habit to share with me, please do, I am always on the hunt for new ways to create the best version of myself.

Much Love





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