Ashwagandha is a highly praised adaptogen when it comes to anxiety and stress. From a holistic health and wellbeing point of view, ashwagandha is arguably one of the most potent adaptogenic herbs available. Adaptogens are natural substances that modulate our response to stress (help cope with external and internal stressors) and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a means to boost immune system.

Many current anti-adrenal fatigue supplements include ashwagandha in the ingredients because it controls cortisol which is important for fighting stress, anxiety, illness, and may also promote cognition.

When my clients are put on a tailored adaptogen regime and ashwagandha is included, I have seen clients energy increase, many note that they are less sensitized, less stressed during daily routines, and they feel energy balance at work.

The Ashwagandha dosage you should use will depend on the purpose for which you want to use it.

It is recommended to supplement with ashwagandha root since most of the research in this article is based on the chemicals found in that region of the plant.

The dosage suggestions are as follows:

The Dosage For Reducing Anxiety and Inhibiting Cortisol Production:250mg taken one to four times daily, prior to meals.

For Enhanced Cognition and Neuroprotection: 150-200mg taken one to two times daily, prior to meals.

For Immune Function, Anti-inflammatory, and Antioxidant Properties: 100-150mg taken once per day, prior to a meal.

Ashwagandha tends to be a safe over-the-counter supplement, but due to its natural diuretic properties, use should be monitored carefully especially if using more than one adaptogenic or herb, or are currently taking anti anxiety medication.

Ashwagandha use may induce certain side effects such as, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, gastrointestinal distress, dehydration.

Most of these side effects will be rather uncommon unless using more than the daily dosage amount.

If you begin to feel undesirable side effects after taking ashwagandha root, simply stop further use and they will go away. You can then try using a lower dose and see how you respond.

By fighting tumors/cancer, inflammation, oxidative stress, and invasive species in the body, ashwagandha is a superb option to enhance longevity and stay healthy internally.

If you are currently anxious, depressed or suffer from mode disorders, I would highly suggest a tailored adaptogenic regimen specifically designed to your needs by a qualified health care professional.

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