How Lactic Acid Causes Anxiety

how lactic acid causes anxiety

Lactic acid has always had a bad rap in the exercise world, and now there are numerous studies stating how lactic acid causes anxiety .

Many people sized up lactic acid as pain in your muscles after an intense workout when actually lactic acid was created by other habits we were doing while we were working out. It is similar to things we do when we are anxious which makes someone much more likely to have a full blown panic attack. When lactic acid levels are high in someone who is anxious, the chances of a panic attack are well, high.

What exactly causes lactic acid, and is there a way to stop it from happening?

The answer is YES, and here are the three key steps how!

The Top 3 Ways Lactic Acid Causes Anxiety :

  • Hyperventilation: Slowing down our breathing patterns is very underrated. Sure it makes sense when we are in the middle of a panic attack, but what about before, the pregame. This is the most crucial time to set yourself up for success. Slowing down your breathe and engaging in 4×4 breathing patterns. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and breathe out for 4 seconds. Slow and in control, making this a regular ritual in your daily life is going to set you up for panic free days ahead.


  • B Vitamins: When our bodies are lacking in B Vitamins we will have an excess of lactic acid in our bodies. B Vitamins are water soluble so they come into our system quickly, and in turn leave quickly. It is crucial to keep optimal levels. When we are plagued with anxiety and stress we are using up our B vitamins at an even faster rate.


  • Blood Sugar Levels: Stabilizing our blood sugar is crucial during and after anxiety recovery. Having a high quality protein rich snack on hand between meals is the best way to set yourself up for success. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just something to keep your blood sugar from dipping because it causes worse things than just hanger.

Shocking isn’t it?

When we focus on these 3 steps during anxiety, the recovery rate is high compared to those who decide to deal with a panic attack once it has already happened.

Write this list down and have it on your fridge, your desk at work, or your bed side table and put it into action! Set yourself up for success in the days ahead, Love to all.



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