Does Ashwagandha Cure Anxiety

does ashwagandha cure anxiety

The biggest question is does ashwagandha cure anxiety? Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha are big buzz words these days and many are wondering are they all buzz or is there some truth to their healing powers?

Ashwagandha is proven to treat and support the adrenal system, stabilize blood sugar, suppress sugar cravings, fight insomnia, and has healing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Although ashwagandha may not be the “cure” for anxiety, It can help with many of the symptoms you may have from anxiety and depression and aid in recovery.

Depending on the individual and unique lifestyle stressors, a dose between 300mg all the way to 6000mg daily may be recommended. It may take 3-4 weeks before any change is noted.

A great way to incorporate Ashwagandha is through smoothies, and recipes since it should be taken with food but you can always purchase Ashwagandha in pill form at your local health store as well.

I included a delicious recipe below for Stress Less Healing Bars. I make a batch every Sunday and include an extra batch without the herb for my son to enjoy as well. Share this recipe with your loved ones.


Ashwagandha Healing Bars

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